Card of the Day: 2008 UD Sweet Spot Prince Fielder/Ryan Braun Dual Swatch

In honor of the Brewers hot start I thought I would share one of my favorite Crew cards. I became a baseball fan back in 2007 when I was home sick from school one day and there was nothing on TV except for an afternoon game between the Astros and the Cubs at Wrigley. My dad is from Wisconsin and grew up a big Milwaukee fan so I paid attention to them too because he did. I’ve been to a game at Miller Park and a Brewers-Astros game at Minute Maid. That game was in 2008 when Fielder and Braun were tearing it up for the Crew so I sort of associate the Brewers with those two guys.

I picked this card up off of eBay for only a couple of bucks and it’s easily one of my favorites in my collection. I love the design and that the back specifically says “The memorabilia has been certified to us as having been used in an official Major League Baseball game.” I am not that impressed by some of the other statements from Topps or Panini like “this jersey was not from any specific season, game, or event” or just “guaranteed by Panini.” Anyways, the Astros aren’t going anywhere fast so here’s to the Brewers staying hot!

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