Big Hits – 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

Blaster FrontLast night I picked up a blaster box of 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball from Target, and it was easily the best blaster box I’ve opened in my short time collecting. Check out my hits:

Yasiel Puig RCThis was an exciting pull. I mean, anything Puig-related is exciting right now. But can we stop for a second and talk about what a weird photo this is? I haven’t been collecting for long so I could be way off base here (pun intended), but this picture seems pretty unorthodox. He’s not batting, throwing, sliding, in position, or being congratulated by teammates. He’s mid-run and it’s a little goofy. I like it – it’s different.

Rob Brantly AutoRob Brantly isn’t necessarily a big name, and if this was a hobby box I’d probably be disappointed. This is why I led with Puig. But this isn’t a hobby box. It’s a retail blaster. And the odds of pulling a rookie auto in a blaster are 1:200. 1 in 200 packs! And it’s not like this is my 15th box either. I’ve only opened one other Chrome blaster. Beginner’s luck I guess.

Dynamic Die-Cut: Joey Votto

I love these Dynamic Die Cut inserts. This is my first one and I really like the design. It’s very geometric and the honeycomb/speaker mesh/chain link fence background is sharp. The back of the card is neat too. It talks about Votto’s “Dynamic Distinction” which is his strike zone radar. The odds on this are 1 in 24 packs.

B.J. Upton Die Cut
This is a B.J. Upton Chrome Connections Die-Cut Insert. The odds on this are 1 in 12 packs. I don’t like it quite as much as the Dynamic Die Cuts insert because the cut seems aimless – like someone at Topps took a giant pair of those scissors with teeth and went to town on a B.J. Upton card. The fact on the back is awesome though:

Close Connection: Only two sets of brothers have ever homered in the same inning, with one being a walk off – and both played for the Braves. Tommie and Hank Aaron did it in 1962, as did B.J. and Justin in 2013.

Adam Warren X-Fractor

I. love. X-Fractors. Again, I find the geometry of the design to be very aesthetically pleasing. I don’t love the Yankees, but it’s a testament to X-Fractors that I enjoy this card despite the Yankee on it. If you click on the image and look closely at the pattern that makes the X-Fractor I think you’ll appreciate the design that much more. The odd on this are 1 in 6 packs.

Purple Refractors

As you probably already know, retail blasters come with a bonus pack of 4 purple refractors. I scored some alright players here.  The Beltran photo is funny to me – I like to think he glitched in a video game and is hovering around the field in that position. Bumgarner’s face is hilarious too. He looks like some sort of evil rabbit. I think Topps purposely chooses some photos where guys are making ridiculous faces. I’ll probably do a post on those soon. P.S. I’m a big fan of the Marlins logo.


These refractors are 1 in 3 packs. I think it’s obvious when you’ve got a refractor on your hands but just in case you’re unsure it says “Refractor” below the card number.

Chrome Stros

These two cards wouldn’t be a hit for anybody except die-hard Astros fans probably. I’ve had trouble pulling any ‘stros since I’ve been collecting so this was a nice finishing touch on an amazing blaster box.

Bonus: Here’s a quick run-down of the notable cards I pulled in my first Chrome blaster (that I opened before I began the blog): Purple Refractors: Sergio Romo, Will Middlebrooks, Justin Verlander, Dexter Fowler; Refractors: Alex Wood, Yoenis Cespedes; X-Fractor: Yadier Molina; Chrome Connections: David Price; 1972 Chrome: Yu Darvish.

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  1. Welcome to the sports card blogosphere! I ran across where you posted on reddit about your blog. (I’m just a reader, not a poster) You can check out my blog at

    Nice job pulling the auto! I didn’t have much luck with retail Chrome this year. On the other hand I did really well with GU and autos from retail Bowman Platinum and A&G packs. Hit or miss I guess.

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